Why Aren’t You Living Your Dreams?

The Simple Truth

In this article, you will learn why it is that you are not living your dreams, and how by making small adjustments can start living your dreams today.

Unfilled dreams are a plague to not only individuals, but also to families and businesses. Most of our time seem to be spent on keeping things going, and responding to the urgent matters, without much attention and energy being left to purse the things we dream about. Far too many of us started out filled with the passion of realizing our dreams through some career or enterprise, only to be sucked into the daily grind of making them a success, rather than being successful ourselves. Does it really have to be that way though? As a wealth development consultant, it has been my observation that to live your dreams and retire comfortably, can be extremely difficult without having a well written, realistic, and actionable plan, one that transcribes your dreams into goals. In other words, you have to be crystal clear on what success looks like to you. While simple dreams are often achieved without a written plan, bigger dreams such as financial, business and organizational goals rarely do. Are you ready to see why you’re not living your dreams? Let’s explore your situation through the lens of a wealth developer, and not just an entrepreneur.

Your Dreams Are Not Written Down

There is something about writing stuff down that forces us to think about things that otherwise we would not have. This becomes very obvious when it comes on to our dreams. We become more focused in terms of defining exactly what our dreams are, making it that much clearer in our own minds, and in the minds of those we need to share them with. The thing is, most of us have dreams that are still unclear to ourselves, and as a result are still in the form of fantasy and nothing else. How many of your dreams have you written down, and how many of those dreams have you actually achieved compared to those you did not? The good news though, is that no matter where you are in the process, you can start putting pen to paper right now and get the clarity you need to achieve improved results. 

Your Dreams and Lifestyle Are Misaligned

Having your dreams written down can provide a very empowering experience, especially if it is done correctly. It tends to give you a perspective of where your life is based on where your dreams are. You will begin to notice with improved clarity, the gaps that exist between the dreams you say you want to achieve, and the many commitments you currently have. Whether they are personal, family, or business-related, the impact of a misaligned lifestyle will always produce broken or unrealized dreams. How aligned are your dreams with your personal, family, and business commitments? The good news though, is that by making even the slightest improvement in the alignment of your dreams with your lifestyle, will reap significant rewards in terms of fulfilling your dreams. 

Your Dream Activities Are Not Prioritized

When it comes down to actually accomplishing our dreams, we are often misled into thinking that it takes only those big gigantic steps that can move us closer to them that much quicker, but that is seldom the case. In fact, one of the main reasons we are unable to accomplish most of our dreams is because just like building a house, it often includes many complex activities, money, people, and other resources such as time that are not always available. The thing is, It all comes down to what you do on a daily basis, and how much of that effort is invested in accomplishing your goals. How much of your daily activity is invested in directly accomplishing your dreams? If you are like most of us, not as much as we thought or is necessary to accomplish our dreams. 

One of the mistakes that have been common to many entrepreneurs is that they started out pursuing a dream, but somewhere down the line, the dream took on a mind of its own, leaving them seemingly successful, but with a broken dream. The truth is that only you can truly define your success and no one else. Sadly, there are quite a few millionaires I have met who are miserably rich and even though many of us would view them as being successful, they too suffer from broken dreams. That’s why wealth developers on the other hand, while often seemingly unsuccessful to others are often always living their dreams with huge successes, and financial freedom. How do they do it? By living from an active wealth development plan.