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Who We Are

The Rofaki Story

It’s all about financial freedom

It all began out of our founder’s own health and financial crisis: a journey that transformed him into a wealth developer. He personally understands many of the challenges many entrepreneurs face on their journey to improve their lives and become financially free. A decision was made to break free, and to help others who are looking to improve their health and finances to do the same. There is a way to achieve financial freedom, one that does not require us to be a slave to our job, family, business, or debts; a way that you can apply to your organization, a way that guarantees improved results and we are open to sharing that way with anyone who has the desire to improve their lives and finances.

As a company, Rofaki offers solutions that transform organizations into successful wealth development system and not just a business. With a foundation in coaching, entrepreneurship, business analysis, and real estate investing, we provide a unique combination of coaching-based consulting and brokering. By working with us and our partners, we deliver a unique blend of services that are truly transformational. We offer tailored solutions, supporting startups, small businesses, and real estate investors as they increase their relationships, income, profits, and investments while securing financial freedom. We are committed to helping them to live their dreams and retire comfortably.

In a Nutshell

A private wealth development company that helps entrepreneurs to strategically use their resources more effectively with business analysis that improves relationship, income, profits, and investments.

To be a key partner to 1,000 entrepreneurs on their wealth development journey so they can live their dreams and retire comfortably.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and real estate investors in the USA, Canada and Caribbean.

We invite you to experience wealth development consulting.

Rofaki Enterprises Inc

What We Believe

Solving the Customers Problem

It’s really not all about the numbers. While metrics are great for management, they are not so good for attracting and retaining good-quality customers. The best marketing strategy is one where your customers do your marketing for you. So, we focus on solving the customer’s problem, anticipating their unmet needs, and letting the rest follow.

Mining the Customer’s Business

It’s said that the average individual is only using around 40% of their true potential. We have found that in many cases, the percentage is much less and it also applies to businesses as well. With this in mind, we believe in exploring the hidden opportunities within our customers’ businesses to unleash competitive advantages.

BUsiness Development

Leveraging the Customer’s Assets

It really all comes down to being investors. We have found that most of us do not realize that we are all investors. We help our customers to make that paradigm shift, and to understand that whether they live for free, rent, buy or lease a property, they are really engaged in a real estate transaction. So, why not practice real estate investing strategies?

Real Estate Investing

What Clients Say

Business Consultant

Craig, you have been a true professional offering great service that has helped me with my business development and funding projects.
Mary Beal
ML Beal Consulting, Cordele GA

Youth Development Specialist

Working with nonprofits and other international organizations with multiple stakeholders we have to stay ahead of the curve. Craig has helped us craft a strategic plan that does exactly what we needed!
Tanya Merrick
Tanya Global LLC, Perry GA


Your professional and analytical approach throughout the analysis sessions with our team allowed us to effectively strike a balance between the sensitivity of practicing law vs operating a law firm. Thank you!
Errol Gentles
Gentle & Associates, Christiana JM