Frequently Asked Questions

And things you need to know

What is a wealth development consultant?

A wealth development consultant is responsible for investigating financial situations, identifying and evaluating options for personal development, improving wealth development systems, defining requirements and ensuring the effective use of resources in meeting wealth development goals.

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Why do I need a wealth development consultant?

Businesses exists as tools to accomplish something. Too often we tend to get so emersed in the success of the business that we forget why we are doing business in the first place. In too many cases the impact becomes our lack of financial freedom. A wealth development consultant will help you to secure your financial freedom by clarifying your purpose and goals, aligning your systems, and filling your capabilities gap so that you can earn, save, and invest more.

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How much does it cost to hire a wealth development consultant?

At a minimum, we charge $197 for a standalone one-hour strategy session that help clients to implement their ideas and plans to earn, save, or invest more.

Otherwise, we offer coaching-based consulting service packages that start at $3,317 and includes training, support, and access to business capital and other resources.

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What’s the difference between a consultant and a coach?

Generally speaking, a consultant is an advisor who helps entrepreneurs to address specific challenges that negatively impacts their business.

A coach on the other hand is focused on helping the entrepreneur to become more successful so that they can create a better business.

As a wealth development consultant, we offer coaching-based consulting that helps entrepreneurs to be wealth developers, and to transform their businesses into wealth development systems by strategically using their resources more efficiently.

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What industry or business do you specialize in?

We operate in the personal development and financial services industry, and we are keen in addressing marketing, business development and real estate investing challenges at a strategic level.

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How do you price your services?

Strategy session: a one-hour standalone session to help clients implement their ideas or plans for $197.

Give and earn package: a 12-month program to help clients implement essential entrepreneurship strategies and earn more for around $276 per month.

Save and grow package: a 12-month program to help clients implement business strategies and save more for around $587 per month. (Give and Earn included)

Invest and more package: a 12-month program to help clients implement real estate investment strategies to invest more for around $2,713 per month. (Save and Grow included)

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Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, we offer a free 15-minute consultation centered around identifying your needs, access if we can meet them successfully, and determine the next step. In other words, we help you to discover where you are now, where you want to be, and how you can get there and what we can do to make this happen for you.

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What kind of background and experience does your consulting firm have?

With qualifications and training in software development and programming, entrepreneurship and small business management, business analysis, real estate investing and wealth creation, and coaching; we bring decades of relationship management, business systems analysis and project management experience serving small and medium sized businesses in sectors such as banking, money market brokering, telecommunications, software development, legal, and construction. On the entrepreneurial side, we bring experiences in private money lending, farming, transportation, real estate investing, and marketing.

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What results can I expect from working with a wealth development consultant?

Clarified purpose and goals that allows you to make more effective financial decisions that lead to better financial performance.

Access to qualified leads, income opportunities, and start-up capital.

Aligned business systems that allow you to make more effective business decisions that lead to better business performance.

Improved cost reduction, with access to partnership opportunities, and business capital.

Aligned investments that allow you to acquire more real estate deals and a better return on investment.

Improved asset protection along with access to equity partnerships and real estate investment capital.

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What are the terms of working with a wealth development consultant?

Clients need to have a signed wealth development plan.

Package payments are either cash or 25% down with terms.

An hour-long session is typical for standalone client meetings.

Other sessions may vary between one and two-hour sessions depending on if the meetings are weekly or monthly.

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