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In this scenario, you will learn how we approach concerns such as facing an expensive health crisis while not having an effective retirement plan as a mature business owner.

The Situation

In an industry known for its high stress, high engagement, and funding challenges, Angelica Brown is the founder and owner of a small nonprofit in Illinois. She and her business are known for helping anyone in need especially women who have been displaced due to violence or other emergencies. The thing is, like many business owners with nonprofits, she had a struggling consulting practice and a dysfunctional nonprofit operation that added to her health concerns. She would like to become financially secured and operate a profitable business while taking better care of herself in the shortest possible time. This is where she begins to experience significant challenges as she tries to do this with the assistance of the agencies with general business development programs offering no real success. That’s when she was referred to ROFAKI by a colleague.

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The Challenge

Angelica quickly reached out to ROFAKI via their website and started off by signing up for their free introduction to wealth development training. After the training, she signed up for a free consultation where 3 main challenges where identified that will have to be addressed given the situation and the desired outcome.

Situational Awareness: Tunnel vision is where we are so close to a situation that we focus on the perceived problem while ignoring everything else. This is widely known and talked about in the law enforcement community because of its dire consequences. This is also present in other areas of life such as planning for the future with the consequences being our financial freedom and ability to live our dreams and retire comfortably. Entrepreneurs as doers and problem solvers often get blinded by the venture and need help seeing what else.

Personal Development: As a mature individual, with vast experience, there is a way of doing things that come naturally and if left unchanged will keep things the way they are which is undesirable. To change this way of being can be extremely difficult especially when the person must learn new skills and engage in running a business successfully. The impact of such a change will affect the health of the individual, their family, business, and finances. Many business owners a notorious for doing things their way and need help making this change.

Cashflow Management: Because of the fluctuating income and large periodic personal and business expenses, there continues to be drastic increase in debt, declining credit score, and difficulty paying bills and fulfill necessary obligations. The current business processes support this and will have to be aligned with the new way of doing things. The impact of such a change will include multiple projects running concurrently, dependently, and relying on limited resources.

Acknowledging these 3 challenges positively impacted Angelia’s peace of mind and her ability to commit to the actions needed to achieve the desired results and maintain lasting change. With this commitment, she agreed to move forward with a more in depth needs assessment and determine what services she will accept and when.

The Approach

After agreeing to the scope of what will be addressed, the onboarding as a client, and a mobilization fee to seal the relationship, Angeliza and ROFAKI then proceeded to the actual service delivery beginning with a situational analysis

Clarify goals and financial situation with a situation analysis

Improve personal credit and payment history with a credit analysis

Business Analysis

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