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Many small businesses fail, and others have owners unable to live their dreams and retire comfortably. They often feel stuck, drowning in bad debt, unprepared for the future, and lacking financial freedom. They ask around, how can we improve our businesses while living our dreams and retire comfortably? We say, by using your resource more effectively and improving your results with business analysis.

If our clients experience improved relationships, income, profits, and investments, why shouldn’t you? Do more with less using our executive coaching, small business, and real estate consulting.

The Rofaki Advantage

Fruitful Analysis with Alternative Strategies.

A unique blend of entrepreneurship, business development, and real estate investing strategies plus access to personal and financial assets.


Improved Income

Clarified goals, giving, and earning more.

Improved Profits

Aligned systems, saving, and growing.

Improved Investments

Leveraged assets, investing, and more.

Other Ways We Help

Access to Business Capital: $5,000 to $2,000,000

Layout realistic plans to start living your dreams today rather than the hope of living them tomorrow.

Craft a wealth development plan that fits your budget with steps to improve your financial freedom.

Create a realistic succession plan with mentorship and personal development goals.

Personal development support for small business owners as a chief executive officer advisor.

Create a realistic retirement plan that utilizes an existing real estate portfolio to retire comfortably.

Credit improvement support for entrepreneurs who are trying to get business funding.

Real estate investment support for real estate investors as a chief executive officer advisor.

Increase income by identifying additional active and passive income sources.

Improve nonprofit operations to do more of what you love and make a bigger impact.

Improve profits by reviewing the budget and cash flow needed to create a realistic financial reserve.

Improve business results by reviewing the use of existing resources and operational activities.

Increase return on investment by identifying additional income and cost reduction sources.

Increase property management effectiveness and efficiency to increase return on investment.

Improve investments by identifying grants and lower funding sources that lead to affordable business capital.

Increase savings on interest paid by quickly paying off high-interest personal and business debt.

Why Now, Why Us

Because today, our clients do more with less

Why shouldn’t you?