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We help small businesses save more money despite debts and taxes with affordable, effective analysis.

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Save and Grow

For small businesses that are struggling to pay bills despite their sales: we provide business development, credit, and funding analysis that decreases your bad debts and unnecessary taxes. Unlike business consultants who focus only on serving small businesses with high sales, we offer affordable analysis to small businesses at any income level. If this sound like you, then you are in the right place. We help you to strategically use your resources more effectively and save more money that fulfills your vision and mission, rapidly reduce bad debt, eliminate unnecessary taxes, and quickly establish a financial reserve. If other small businesses do more with less, why shouldn’t you?

Service Delivery Steps

Discovery, planning, implementation, and reporting.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Wealth Development Analysis
  • Credit Analysis
  • Debt Reduction Therapy
  • Business Funding Analysis
  • Business Development Analysis


I got professional support that I needed on a shoestring budget allowing me to make the right decision for myself as well as my business.
Stephen Merrick
Colt Express LLC, Connecticut USA

Senior Partner

Like most lawyers I found it hard to adjust to the fact that there is a big difference between practicing law and running a successful business. Craig helped to fill that gap…
Errol Gentles
Lawyer, Errol Gentles & Associates, Christina JM


After COVID-19 we were looking at ways to improve and address many of the financial gaps we experienced. Craig helped us to come up with an effective strategic plan and provided a different way of looking at Nonprofits as a social enterprise and wealth development system.
Tanya Powell
Jamaica Professional Youth Workers Association, KNG JM

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