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For Entrepreneurs who are unable to achieve their Goals because of personal development gaps

If other entrepreneurs are achieving their goals, why can’t you?

Do more with less and achieve your goals using our executive coaching.

Develop Smart Wealth Plans

For entrepreneurs who are unable to achieve their goals because of personal development gaps: we provide executive coaching that helps you to achieve those goals. Unlike other coaches who primarily focus on personal development outside of wealth development, we offer affordable business analysis coaching to those who need it. If this is you, you are in the right place. We help you to develop smart wealth development action plans that clarifies your situation and gets you moving in the right direction in 30-days or less. If our clients are meeting their goals for a minimum of $350, why shouldn’t you?

Service Delivery Steps

Discovery, planning, implementation, and reporting.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Wealth Development Analysis
  • Access to Personal & Financial Assets
  • Wealth Development Plan

Layout realistic plans to start living your dreams today rather than the hope of living them tomorrow.

Craft a wealth development plan that fits your budget with steps to improve your financial freedom.

Create a realistic succession plan with mentorship and personal development goals.

Personal development support for small business owners as a chief executive officer advisor.

Create a realistic retirement plan that utilizes an existing real estate portfolio to retire comfortably.

Credit improvement support for entrepreneurs who are trying to get business funding.

Real estate investment support for real estate investors as a chief executive officer advisor.

Increase income by identifying additional active and passive income sources.

Improve nonprofit operations to do more of what you love and make a bigger impact.


Craig has helped us make a bigger impact as a small chamber with an international reach, ensuring that the true need of every project gets met. Thanks Craig!
Marcia Parker
JAICC, Atlanta GA


Brother Gentles has helped us make a huge impact by supporting our funding efforts and helping us to find a way get what we need.
Hanrick Hunt
Kingdom Wellness Center Inc, Atlanta GA

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