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Stressed because you are doing a lot of things but struggle to pay the bills.

Money is coming in but more is going out causing you to keep lagging behind on bills.

Drowning in debt with rising monthly expenses and rising operating costs.

Save and Grow

Business Development Analysis: that provides business coaching and analysis. Unlike professionals who focus mainly on income and expense statements, we provide personalized support that helps you to strategically use your financial and business assets more efficiently while creatively filling the gaps needed to improve profits. (Includes Give and Earn)

What You Get

Verifiably improved profits by at least 5% once all recommendations are properly implemented

  • Aligned business and goals
  • More effective business decision
  • Better business performance
  • Improved cost reduction
  • Access to partnership opportunities
  • Access to business capital

“My business is too small for this service”

Small businesses such as home offices usually have no money for business development. However, to improve their results and chances for success every business needs professional help to improve their productivity.

Professional support on a budget

I got professional support that I needed on a shoestring budget allowing me to make the right decision for myself as well as my business.
Mary Beal
CEO, MLB Consulting

“A law practice is not like other businesses”

It is true, a law practice has different components and regulations than a regular business. However, it also has many of the same components and challenges as that of a regular business. If not properly managed, they will negatively impact its success and viability.

Business analysis for law practice

Like most lawyers I found it hard to adjust to the fact that there is a big difference between practicing law and running a successful business.
Errol Gentles
Lawyer, Errol Gentles & Associates

“A Non-Profit doesn’t need to make money”

Yes, a Non-Profit does not exist to earn money. Yet, it is extremely difficult and often times impossible for it to fulfill its mission without money to pay for essential goods, services, and operational expenses.

Business analysis for Non-Profits

After COVID-19 we were looking at ways to improve and address many of the financial gaps we experienced. Rofaki helped us not only craft an effective strategic plan but provided a different way of looking at Non-Profits in general.
Tanya Powell
Director, Jamaica Professional Youth Workers Association

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